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Not sure if you need a trial technician maybe all you need is to rent equipment? We are happy to discuss your needs and give you options. We do not sell, EVER!

Speak with one of our Relationship Managers about your case today!


Making sure your experience is smooth; from Deposition to Verdict, we do it all!


                                         How can we help?


1 hour free phone consultation


We deliver creative visual ideas from consultants who understand the case and strive for flawless support in the courtroom. When you take Persuasive Trial Technology professionals to trial, you know you are being supported by the best team possible.

Trial Graphics

1 hour free phone consultation


Great graphic design engages and educates; it keeps the jury interested enough to pay attention to, learn from, and remember information. Graphics are vital tools that turn jurors into effective advocates for your case during deliberation.


1 hour free phone consultation


Allow us to bring our full persuasive force to bear during mediation. Our goal at this stage is to resolve the case quickly, through successful mediation and a settlement offer.

Video Deposition

1 hour free phone consultation


We produce high quality synchronized deposition video files for better courtroom presentation. We synchronize in-house for greater accuracy, which means faster clip creation and greater familiarity with the video for more on-the-spot flexibility.


1 hour free phone consultation


With our wealth of experience in employee/employer trials, we can provide unique points of view and suggestions during arbitration. Alternatively, we can provide graphics and animations that will help the arbitration process go your way.

Mock Trial

1 hour free phone consultation


We have successfully defended personal injury cases that seemed unwinnable. Benefit from our experience in such cases and allow us to help you craft a stronger, more effective, and more compelling argument.

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