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Trial Presentation / Video Deposition / Trial Graphics

At 95% success rate, your team is almost guaranteed to prevail, using Persuasive Presentations and our full range of trial technology services!
Trial Graphics

Trial Graphics

Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology produces animations that are predominantly used as illustrative evidence in trial, allowing for easy admission by the presiding judge. These animations allow you to recreate a sequence of events from multiple perspectives that place key individuals, objects, and incidents within a specific indoor or outdoor setting.


Our clients have successfully used animations in mediation, arbitration, and pre-trial conferences to give opposing counsel a sense of how the case would be presented in court.

Our animations have been so compelling in this pre-trial stage that once the opposition realizes the impact an animation would make on a jury, a settlement offer is often not far behind!

Our experienced animators have reconstructed many different types of events including automobile accidents, personal injury, complex financial, scientific matters, day in the life of, industrial accidents, and product liability cases.

Courtroom presentation

Trial Presentation

Over the years, Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology has delivered thousands of presentations in the courtroom for major corporations, law firms, local, state, and federal agencies. We offer valuable insight regarding the use and effectiveness of trial graphics geared to your specific needs. Our team will suggest and create visuals to support opening statements, expert witness testimony, and closing arguments. We work together with your trial team to first understand the complexities of your case and then provide the best visual solutions to educate and convince the jury. Our primary focus is the development of compelling, persuasive presentations for arbitration, mediation, and trial. We dedicate 100% of our efforts to your success in the courtroom.


Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology is committed to providing the highest level of trial presentation services. We will work as a part of your trial team to integrate document images, photographs, graphics, video, animations, and other exhibits into a clear and convincing courtroom presentation. The presentation technology allows for instantaneous and flexible access to exhibits and video deposition clips. Additionally, the presenter can interactively magnify and highlight portions of documents or graphics directly on the courtroom monitors, enabling any jury to effortlessly view and comprehend the evidence being presented. The effects: increased jury retention levels, efficient management of documents, and effective impeachment of witnesses.

Video Deposition

With over 27 combined years of trial presentation experience in over 1,250 trials, Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology understands that video deposition testimony can be pivotal at trial. Unfortunately, most videographers never see the inside of a courtroom and thus have no accountability or incentive to produce high-quality deposition videos.


Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology has overcome this problem with videographers who are also specialists in courtroom presentations. This unique participation in both the creation of video and ultimate playback to the trier of fact ensures that every deposition is produced to exceed the quality standards required for a high-impact presentation. Utilizing high-quality digital video, Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology produces a trial-ready product that can be available the same day as the deposition, if required.


Once the video is produced, Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology gives the trial attorney instant access to any portion of the video with just a click of the mouse. This innovative technology provides immediate playback of segmented video transcript portions, with or without scrolling text.


More and more attorneys are beginning to understand the powerful impact that video impeachment has in a courtroom. It is dramatically more effective to have the witness contradict his/her own testimony live. If you have not yet attempted an impeachment using videotaped depositions, we assert that you will not be disappointed with the results.

Other in-house video services include video-to-transcript synchronization, mock trial filming, video editing, duplication, and digital conversion from multiple tape formats.

Video deposition
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