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Increase the value of your case 
with expert trial presentation.

Make your case with our Persuasive Graphics. The right visuals win trials.

Patricia Elberwine Tenenbaum of Brown, Neri, Smith & Khan LLP - 

"I cannot speak highly enough of Persuasive Presentations' work ethic and commitment to the job. Caitlin worked into the wee hours of the evening virtually every night of trial preparing with counsel for witness examination and closing statement. Needless to say, our trial presentation came off seamlessly and Persuasive Presentations was an indispensable asset to our team. Caitlin was truly a partner and made many keen observations regarding how the presentation would land with the jurors. As proof that she gives good advice, we were awarded a unanimous verdict for every cent of damages we requested!"  

Karine Bohbot of Bohbot & Riles, PC - 

"I am a partner at Bohbot & Riles, PC, an employment litigation firm in Oakland, and former President of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association. As a litigator and in my role with SFTLA, I am asked for recommendations for trial support services all the time by my colleagues. I always recommend Persuasive Presentations. I have used Persuasive Presentations for trials, and they have done a fabulous job easing my stress in having to deal with thousands of exhibits, being on the same page when it related to the presentation of evidence, and being able to follow my cues with ease. They were an overall great asset to my trial team. I plan on using the company in the future and tightly recommend their services."

Deborah Rosenthal, Co-Editor of The Trial Lawyer Magazine -

"The excellent staff at Persuasive Presentations, along with the court clerk, helped to keep IT issues to a minimum." Solano County's first Zoom-based trial, The Trial Lawyer, Summer 2021 Issue, "Noteworthy verdicts for Deserving Plaintiffs"


Operating nationwide

What makes us different?

Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology is a Nationwide litigation support firm that provides litigators with a single resource to quickly assemble documents, exhibits, transcripts, questions, visuals, video, and an accomplished courtroom trial technician that will be available to manage and categorize evidence throughout litigation and create the clear, polished presentations necessary to build a compelling case.

From the firm’s offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London, Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology serves a diverse client base. Our Consultants are widely recognized as among the best in their fields, and many have held prestigious positions in the industry, the legal community, and the public sector. Our firm distinguishes itself not by its size, but by our passion for client service. We understand that clients have alternatives when it comes to legal services; which is why we work hard to separate ourselves from the rest each and every day in order to earn your business and referrals.


“At Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology, we understand that videotaped deposition testimony can easily be some of the most powerful tools in any arguments' arsenal when handled correctly, which is why we make it our purpose to handle depositions with expertise and finesse. We produce high-quality videos and work with you to play the right portions of the video at the right time in order to create the greatest impact.“


San Francisco | Los Angeles | London 

US +1 (415) 56-Court

UK +44 7940 312328

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