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Trial Graphics

Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology produces animations that are predominantly used as illustrative evidence in trial, allowing for easy admission by the presiding judge. These animations allow you to recreate a sequence of events from multiple perspectives that place key individuals, objects, and incidents within a specific indoor or outdoor setting.


Our clients have successfully used animations in mediation, arbitration, and pre-trial conferences to give opposing counsel a sense of how the case would be presented in court.

Our animations have been so compelling in this pre-trial stage that once the opposition realizes the impact an animation would make on a jury, a settlement offer is often not far behind!

Our experienced animators have reconstructed many different types of events including automobile accidents, personal injury, complex financial, scientific matters, day in the life of, industrial accidents, and product liability cases.

Trial Graphics

5 Minutes after seeing your opening they called for a side bar and settled. Great Job Guys!

-Jonathan Baskin

We offer a complimentary case evaluation. We strategically go through the given case material to ensure every important detail is captured and accurate. After that, your Consultant will send the scope of work to you to review and outline what you can expect from us and your project.

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1.  How much will my presentaion typically cost?

Every project is bespoke, therefore each case will have a diffrent estimation these can widely vary scheduling a discussion and case evaluation is important to give you the most accurate proposal.


2.  How does Persuasive Presentations ensure our visual demonstration will be admissible in court?

The best way to ensure your visual presentations are admissible is to create a line of communication between your experts and our team. Having your expert’s direction throughout the production ensures that every detail portrayed is accurate, effective, and irrefutable.


3.  What can Persuasive Presentations create?

Our Consultants create a wide array of visual presentations, including:

a. 3D Animations

b. 3D Illustrations

c. Custom graphics and slideshows

d. Custom videos

e. "Day in the Life" videos

f. Settlement presentations

g. Opening and Closing presentations

h. And so much more!


4.  How long will a visual presentation take to complete?

The Time line depends on the complexity of the project. However a Typical project takes about 15-20 days to complete. If necessary we can complete a project quicker. We highly recommend speaking to a Visual Consultant to strategize on what it will take to meet your needs in a timely matter.


1-Hour Free Phone Consultation


We deliver creative visual ideas from consultants who understand the case, strive for amazing trial graphics, and provide flawless support in the courtroom. When you take Persuasive Presentations Trial Technicians to trial, you know you are being supported by the best team possible.

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